Networking solution for door, window and safety systems

myGEZE Control – after all, it’s your building.

Our world is shaped by buildings – they influence our lives in many different ways. To turn them into liveable spaces, we need innovative solutions. The myGEZE Control connectivity platform makes it possible to centrally control door, window and safety systems. This ensures improved security, sustainable processes and more comfort. After all, it’s your building.

Your myGEZE Control. Your facts.

Efficient and safe building automation and control system for GEZE products.

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Efficient and safe building automation system with myGEZE Control. © GEZE GmbH

We deliver a standardised, open communication solution for integrating doors, windows and security into all areas of building management. The central device is a standard controller (PLC). The hardware components consist of an embedded PC control system that has a certified BACnet communication interface. This means our products can be integrated into all commonly available building management system, physical security information management system, and CAFM systems. Because of the open standard used, a wide range of interoperable applications can be created with other trades, such as blinds, weather station, heating, ventilation, or room automation.

Building networking with GEZE.

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GEZE window and door drives can be integrated into a building automation system via open interfaces. © GEZE GmbH

Thanks to open interfaces, we can integrate our window and door drives into a building automation and control system to create a variety of usage scenarios. These help the operator make processes in their building more efficient. With central monitoring and remote control, users can view and change the statuses of doors and windows. Networking doors and windows with other product groups makes it possible to use collected data to implement door and window drive functions that save energy – like natural ventilation. System data can also be used to improve the maintenance cycles for GEZE products. Last but not least, the data can also be used to control danger management, so that doors and windows reliably fulfil their safety functions in an emergency like a fire or active shooter, while handling accessibility needs every day.

Improve comfort. Minimise costs.

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Through the remote monitoring or remote access of myGEZE Control, facility managers can monitor the status of their doors and windows at any time and also intervene. © GEZE GmbH

With myGEZE Control, we are making everyday work easier for building operators. Thanks to remote monitoring and remote access, facility managers can monitor and change the statuses of their doors and windows at any time. This allows them to adjust door functions to their needs during ongoing operation. The networking systems collect a wide range of data, which can then be used to optimise processes in the building and maintenance cycles, thereby minimising downtimes. These benefits, and eliminating manual tasks like walking through the building to check door and window statuses, can also reduce costs.

Engineered with Beckhoff.

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© Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

Through our partnership with Beckhoff, a leading provider of automation and control technology, GEZE is using myGEZE Control to network doors and windows that can be easily integrated into all commonly available building management systems. Two strong partners for your building.

myGEZE Control at a glance

  • Integration of GEZE products into the building automation via BACnet
  • Up to 200 GEZE products can be connected, depending on the hardware configuration
  • Secure data exchange via the BACnet and KNX communication standard
  • BTL certified in accordance with BACnet standard ISO 164845
  • Powerful hardware for installation in control cabinets (top-hat rail mounting)
  • BACnet device profile BACnet Building Controller B-BC
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White paper on the topic of sustainable building automation.

The construction sector plays a key role in achieving sustainability targets, as it is responsible for one third of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Building automation is the solution for energy-efficient planning, operation, and renovations that save resources. Read our white paper to learn what building automation is, to learn about its potential to save energy, how smart buildings contribute to a sustainable future, and about the products and services GEZE offers for smart networking.

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Your building. Our service.

With our many years of expertise, GEZE supports you throughout the entire process. As a reliable partner, we ensure the entire process is smooth – from planning to construction site coordination, from pre-commissioning inspection to installation and commissioning, as well as regular maintenance or operational adjustments by GEZE Service. That means you can focus entirely on your building.

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GEZE offers everything from one source: planning, construction site coordination, advance performance monitoring and assembly or commissioning as well as regular maintenance. © GEZE GmbH

Your building automation. Your advantages.

After all, myGEZE Control is interoperable

  • New components (doors, windows) for the BMS
  • Flexible scaling of the system
  • Use of door and window data
  • Standardised BACnet data protocol
  • More efficient building operation

With myGEZE Control, you are in control.

  • Overview of all components (doors, windows) in the building
  • Optimised control of maintenance activities
  • Intervention into doors and windows from any location
  • Visualisation of door status
  • Flexible scaling of networked door and windows
  • Use of door and window data
myGEZE Control


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