Visualising building automation – made easy with myGEZE Visu

The new myGEZE Visu visualisation system is a building management software and expansion to the myGEZE Control controller system. It offers building operators and facility managers convenient options for custom networking, simple monitoring, and user-friendly operation of door and window systems. This is a major advantage for building safety and physical security management.

Thanks to its compact application, myGEZE Visu ensures customised visualisation even for a construction project that would not be possible or planned for operation with a building management system. The software can also be used in parallel to integration.


How does myGEZE Visu work?

Visu screen emergency exit alarm

With myGEZE Visu, operators and facility managers can monitor and visualise buildings and control door, window and security systems individually. © GEZE GmbH

As an expansion to myGEZE Control, the myGEZE Visu visualisation system stands out, thanks to its modular and flexible authorisation concept. The software gives operators and facility managers a new way to monitor, visualise, control, and operate their door, window and safety systems.

myGEZE Visu​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ detects faults, alarm situations and required maintenance quickly and reliably. Users of the innovative software benefit in terms of their work processes as well: Error messages from individual GEZE products can be forwarded via email notifications, if needed in conjunction with work orders to external entities. Visualisation via multi-monitor operating stations or video walls improves efficient control and monitoring. Workflow plans optimise processes and list details for the specific product. Finally, workflow stacks document current and completed processes, ensuring transparency. myGEZE Visu can be used as a software only, or in conjunction with industrial PC hardware, all depending on the user’s personal needs.

Integration with myGEZE Visu

Real-time monitoring

Interaction between myGEZE Control and myGEZE Visu

The myGEZE Visu​​​​​​​ software is quick and easy to connect with myGEZE Control via existing BACnet technology. To do this, the configurations can be imported directly from myGEZE Control into myGEZE Visu with few adjustments. The concept behind myGEZE Visu can be adapted flexibly and adjusted to any need, via a modular licensing module. This way, you can define the number of product systems to be connected, expand user administration, and configure the number of operating and multi-monitor stations, as well as video integration. If necessary, GEZE system partners offer further physical security management functions, such as video plug-ins, burglar alarm systems (BAS), fire alarm systems IFAS) or access control systems (ACCO).

The BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) Revision 14 offers the option to connect up to five controllers and a maximum of 1,000 devices, as well as six possible operating stations. Video integration can be selected as another system option, and supports different drivers.


What advantages does myGEZE Visu offer operators and facility management?

  • Use data from the entire GEZE product portfolio
  • Visualisation, operation, and monitoring of doors, windows and safety technology
  • Burglar alarm and smoke and heat extraction systems: Quick and flexible intervention possible in case of an alarm message, even remotely
  • Can be used by any building operator, thanks to the open standard
  • Better system availability, thanks to central monitoring
  • Flexible and scalable solution that can be expanded in an affordable way if needed


Instruction manuals, brochures and handbooks are all available in our download area.


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