Building management systems – simply smart with myGEZE Control

Innovative, individual – and simply smart: doors, windows and safety systems can be digitally networked with myGEZE Control, allowing for convenient and safe control and management. Cable routing that connects the different systems is also simplified and streamlined. Since the system uses open communication standards and the certified BACnet interface, operators and system integrators can integrate myGEZE Control into their existing building management system, regardless of the manufacturer.

How does networking with myGEZE Control work?

Networking with myGEZE Control offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and system visualisation in the individual areas of application. Depending on the requirements for which myGEZE Control is needed, customers can choose between an application which is a software solution only, or combine this with industrial PC hardware. This makes it possible to seamlessly monitor and control any building. It is integrated via BACnet IP. Another outstanding characteristic of myGEZE Control is that it can be applied simultaneously to different subsections, allowing for effective interoperability between different systems and manufacturers. Each controller can also control and monitor up to 200 GEZE products.

myGEZE Control at a glance

  • Integration of GEZE products into the building automation via BACnet
  • Up to 200 GEZE products can be connected, depending on the hardware configuration
  • Secure data exchange via the BACnet and KNX communication standard
  • BTL certified in accordance with BACnet standard ISO 164845
  • Powerful hardware for installation in control cabinets (top-hat rail mounting)
  • BACnet device profile BACnet Building Controller B-BC

Integration into the building management system and physical security information management system

myGEZE Control offers seamless integration into the building management system (BMS) and physical security information management system (PSIM); certain data areas can be partially blocked to ensure safety. This data can be used both in the BMS and PSIM, if needed. The software allows for flexible scaling and expansion, in addition to supporting tested system solutions or prepared solutions like handover lists in German and English for seamless integration.

We are the only manufacturer to offer the right building management and integration solutions for windows and doors, as well as comprehensive support: Our approach is manufacturer-independent. We use BACnet as the global standard, making individual customising or prototype solutions unnecessary. Integration is simple and can be handled by any system integrator, whether by Beckhoff integrators or by defining the BACnet Interest Group Europe as the handover format. Since the open standard allows for flexible scaling and expansion of the user's own software, security is guaranteed as well. GEZE prepares the solution so it can be integrated easily into the system: with clean BACnet handover lists in German and English, as well as templates for visualisation, project handling and commissioning. That means users can concentrate on their core competence, and no longer need to provide integration details for the connected subsections.

Alternative integration with myGEZE Visu


Instruction manuals, brochures and handbooks are all available in our download area.

How can we help you?

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